Our First Wedding Blog Post

Our First Ever Wedding Blog Post!

Enchanté! Happy Monday, readers! We’re hijacking the start of your week to share some big news. After months of plotting and scheming, today sees the launch of an exciting new project, the launch of our own Wedding blog from Le Petit Château and Newton Hall!

Our blog will be published fortnightly by yours truly, La Petite Bride – Wedding Coordinator and bride to be – as your guide through the fantastical and exciting journey of planning a wedding!


Le Petit Chateau


Back in January of this year, construction on our dream of bringing the allure of French chic right to the heart of Northumberland began, to be unveiled to the public this summer as the fun and fantastical, Le Petit Château.

french chateau exterior image

Opening its doors to the first bride in June this year, Le Petit Château is a fantastical French-inspired venue that’s bursting to the seams with originality and splendour. This exclusive-use venue is so breath-taking, that all you have to do to fully appreciate it, is visit for yourself and soak up its grandeur. It also just so happens to be the venue that myself and my other half have booked for our very own big day!



…And that’s where I come in! I’ve been a wedding coordinator for only a few short years but from the moment I started I fell in love with this job. Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted a grand, white wedding of my own and to live happily ever after, it’s the real life fairytale we all dream about!



I can’t deny that I’ve always had a soft spot for weddings. Perhaps it was due to all the Disney movies that became a childhood obsession, but they have always been something of a fantastical mystery. I am one of those brides who’s always pictured what my wedding day would look like and although I didn’t have a full-on ‘crazy bride’ binder, my Pinterest boards and various wedding folders on every digital device I owned – before I was even engaged – probably put me up there with the wedding obsessed! I’ve been imagining the ring, the dress, the venue, the flowers and of course a handsome groom for quite some time.



However, planning a wedding can be stressful and nowhere near as easy as the movies make it out to be. Many of us are lucky enough to have a great support system around us to help make some decisions easier when it comes to the planning process, but what does it really take to plan your dream wedding?


Wedding Terrace in the Summer


I’ll be sharing my journey with you all and getting you ready to walk down the aisle as I walk you through the process from both a real bride and wedding coordinators eyes.


I really hope you’ll enjoy reading as we go through the planning stages together in preparation for the grand finale; your very own wedding day.



La Petite Bride