2019 Wedding Trends You Need To Know About

2018 has been a big year in the world of wedding trends! With a show stopping two royal weddings we have had a truly magical year for ‘I do’s’ and it’s not stopping anytime soon. With the festive season already flying by, 2019 is on it’s merry way and looking ahead to the New Year there is set to be some killer wedding trends on the horizon. As always, Le Petit Chateau is here to bring you the forefront of bridal fashions so take note of these 2019 wedding trends you need to know about…

#1 Drones

Watch our world, here comes the drone! One of the biggest videography trends you are going to see in 2019 is using drones to capture different perspectives of the wedding day. The ability to get that steady motion in your wedding video will be made possible with the handy addition of a drone.

#2 Bringing Nature In

Bring the outdoors IN with lots of tailored greenery will replace the use of flowers in centrepieces. Foliage, flowers, and organic and lush designs are set to take centre stage. Green or emerald colours will follow this trend and add to the 2018 theme of rustic and vintage wedding motifs.

#3 Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

With the rise of mobile phone usage, a top trend for 2019 is set to be the unplugged wedding ceremony. This involves encouraging guests to put away their mobile phones and immerse themselves in enjoying the moment, rather than merely capturing it through their smartphone.

#4 The Classic Frock

Minimalists can rejoice because 2019 heralds the return of classic designs and simple styles. Of course, this is all thanks to Meghan Market and her striking yet simple wedding ceremony gown and elegant halter neck reception dress. For this style, tailoring is key, as is finding the right silhouette to suit your shape. Combined with with clean lines and no embellishment, you’ll be well on your way to modern princess bride realness. See more 2019 wedding dress trends here.

#5 Coral Colours

Pantone has announced it’s colour of 2019 is a bright, sunny, pinky-orange named ‘Living Coral’. A cheery tone that’s perfect for weddings, coral is a fantastic hue to incorporate into a sunny summer wedding via everything from coral coloured flowers, bridesmaids dresses, cakes, makeup and colour schemes.

#6 Showstopping Wedding Cakes

As always, wedding cakes must wow, but 2019 is set to bring about some even more impressive creations. This year’s royal weddings are likely to inspire couples to make more opulent choices. Metallic touches, personalised monograms and regal piping will be on everyone’s cake agenda! Even more exciting are the amazing array of textures we’re expecting – rippled icing, decorative finishes and show-stopping sugar flowers will take guests’ breath away. It’s all about bespoke – let the your imagination soar and the magic begin. Sounds delicious!

#7 Smoke Bomb Photography

This one isn’t necessarily a new trend, and we have seen it on the rise during 2018, however, it’s looking like its about to domino for next years wedding festivities. It’s a fun, creative and colourful way to add a unique touch to your wedding day and one that will be very popular with couples over the coming year.

#8 The Donut Wall

But, what on earth is a donut wall? If you haven’t heard of them, watch out because they will be taking 2019 by storm and make a outthere party piece for absolutely any occasion, especially a quirky wedding day. Dessert specialists are beginning to follow this American born trend in which you erect a wall of donuts for receptions guests to pick off and munch on – sounds great to us!

We hope that you have enjoyed our 2019 wedding trends to watch! If you are planning a wedding in the new year or simply wish to learn more about us please do not hesitate to browse all that we here at Le Petit Chateau have to offer on our wedding pages. Alternatively, contact us today on 01830 570400 or email info@le-petit-chateau.com.