7 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hope everyone’s feeling the love today and having lovely Valentine’s.
For anyone looking for some Valentine’s inspiration (or even just a bit of fun reading!) here are my last minute date night ideas for everyone to enjoy!

1. Recreate your first date dinner!

Whether it’s fine dining, a takeaway or a home cooked meal, food really is the way to a person’s heart (or at least it is the way to mine… even if I am supposed to be on my wedding diet!). So why not recreate your first date; order the same meals, play the same songs and reminisce about how you spent your first few dates!

2. See the Stars

Visit your local Planetarium and have a night under the stars. Get yourself wrapped up take a flask of hot tea and go enjoy the peace and quiet with your other half. Northumberland has some amazing dark skies spots but if you’re nowhere near a planetarium fear not; set a blanket outside and look up at the stars together.

3. Do a couple’s yoga class

This one is for all the gym bunnies out there! There’s no reason you can’t spend some quality time with your other half at the gym. Take a class together; yoga, spin or even boxing, it’s your choice, or simply just take the time to support and help each other out in their weakest areas. Everyone needs a gym buddy and let’s be honest it’s no fun on your own, so who says it can’t be with your better half!

4. Movie Night

Now this one is a typical date night solution but whether you make it a night at the cinema with all the thrills, or pick your favourite movie to watch at home snuggled on the sofa. A movie marathon is bound to provide the perfect entertainment for a chilled Valentine’s night.

5. Go for a romantic walk

After you’ve stuffed your face full of Valentine’s chocolate, why not wrap up and go for an evening stroll.  Head to your favourite spot or even just a walk close by, it’s a great option for something to do after dinner. Walk, talk and just be in the moment and leave the phones at home! Simple and perfect.

6. Late Night Spa

If you’ve got some extra cash and don’t mind spending a little more on your sweet Valentine, why not enjoy a couple’s late-night spa. There are lots of ‘evening only’ deals for those late night hours, so make the most of some evening relaxation.

7. Soak & Relax

If a last minute spa day is out of the question, why not just bring the spa to you. Make the most of the Christmas bubble bath set and run a bubble filled bath, light some candles, add some glasses of fizz and some low lighting and you’ve got the perfect relaxing night in. Rose petals and chocolates are optional but will certainly win you extra brownie points!

No matter how you’re spending your Valentines Day, I hope you all have a wonderful evening! x