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ways to make your wedding reception romantic

Ways to make your wedding reception romantic

After an intensely romantic wedding ceremony, you want your wedding reception to follow suit… If you want a romantic wedding venue reception then carry on reading to find out how to make your wedding reception venue feel just as romantic as the ceremony.

3 Ways to Make your wedding venue more Romantic#1 Dim lighting is crucial

You may think it is best to have the brightest lights at your wedding reception, however, if you dim them slightly you will naturally create a more romantic ambience to the whole venue. If you’re getting married in autumn or winter when the lights draw much earlier, meaning you will have a much more intimate atmosphere anyway. However, if you’re concerned about your venue lighting being far too overpowering there are a few things you can do to change it.

Decorative lighting ideas…

Instead of having bright lights filling the whole wedding venue. You could even use giant light-up letters, which will not only fill up and empty space you have but will also create a nice warm lighting effect. Or if you want to get creative you could suspend lanterns across the ceiling, which will make it even more of a romantic wedding venue.

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#2 Think about using decorations that resemble romance

Roses are an obvious choice of decorative flowers when trying to make your venue romantic, although you shouldn’t overdo it on one particular choice of flowers or decorative items. Peonies or trailing ivy are always a nice touch to any wedding venue.

Personalised decor always adds a romantic effect

Whenever something is personalised between the married couple it automatically creates a more romantic feel to the whole wedding reception. Whether that’s personalised glasses, placemats or even wall art.

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 #3 Create a cosy ambience for your guest

Getting your wedding reception looking cosy and full of decorative items – without looking too overpowering is a skill. Although it is not as hard as people think! It is all down to the type of decorations you use and also the textures of any fabric.

 Choose the right fabrics for your decor

Think about choosing more luxurious textures of fabric for your table runners. Something that looks heavy and is potentially deep in colour always creates an intimate and romantic vibe. Or you could even go the opposite way depending on the season and go for something light like silk.