Suppliers 2.0 – Do and Don’t

Supplier Do’s and Dont’s

Happy Friday to you all!

So last week we looked at a list of suppliers you might want to consider for your wedding planning, so picking up where we left off I’m going to be talking about the different factors to consider when booking your suppliers.
The wedding world is packed full of wonderful wedding suppliers, so whether you’re looking for someone with bags of experience or a fresh new talent there’s no short supply.
I want to help you pick the right supplier for YOU, not just tell you what’s right and wrong. Every bride is unique so this post will hopefully point you all in the right direction and reduce the risk of making the wrong decision.
So let’s get to it, most venue will have a recommend suppliers list and they’re a great starting point for many brides.
The key factors to stick to when your looking are simple to follow:

DO Save the Date

It might sound obvious but often ones that missed on those early emails back and forth. It’s wasting your time and theirs, requesting quotes, if they aren’t able to commit to your date.

DON’T forget to shop around

If you have your heart set on a specific individual supplier, chances are so do other couples, so once you’ve made a solid decision don’t hang around on booking and end up going disappointed back to the drawing board.

DO look at past feedback

Most of the suppliers I first heard about were by word of mouth and recommendation from past couples. Don’t be fooled by fancy websites and a beautifully edited photo of their work, A good bank of satisfied customers is just as important as a pretty looking cake!

DON’T overstretch your budget

It’s worth getting quotes from all you favourite suppliers and really compare what’s on offer. Are you getting more for your money with someone as equally as talented, but they’re a brand new business … there might not be as heavily in demand, but they’ll still have that all-important feedback and it speaks volumes, so never be afraid to ask to see some of their recent wedding work.

DO be honest about your budget

If your favourite supplier is just that little over budget (that you’ve already stretched eek!) be honest and let them know a realistic budget your working towards and let them see what they can do for you at this price (if you don’t ask you’ll never know if they were able to offer).

This being said, always check what’s included as someone may appear more expensive, but you might be getting a lot more value for money once you break it all down.

DO check the small print

This ones’ simple. It’s that age old saying of ‘if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is!’

DO go with your gut

It very rarely happens, but if you do find yourself second guessing any of your suppliers, don’t sit at home and worry. Make an appointment get to know them a little better and chat though your worries and concerns. Don’t let one bad review ruin a supplier you feel in love with but also don’t ignore a sudden change in their work, feedback or communication with yourself. You want to work with someone who understands your vision and help you create this for the perfect day.

These all might sound really simple and are probably things you really already know, but there’s something about reading this sort of advice written down that makes you stop and think about your decisions and take a little time to get it just right.