Our Top Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

They say that finding your perfect dress is like falling in love – it takes time. Approximately, as reported mid last year, the average wedding dress can set you back £1,300+! It’s undoubtedly the one aspect of the big day that the Bride does NOT want to cut corners with; feeling and looking great will impact her mood for the entire day, not to mention the fond memories many a year later while casting your eyes back over the wedding album.


There are many things to consider before your first shopping trip, and it would be helpful to write down a brief of factors that you want to stick by to ensure that you are the most prepared that you can be to prevent rushing into making any rash decisions or even worse, regretting your choice. That is why today we have brought you our trusty little guide for nailing your dream dress for your big day at our Wedding Venue North East here at Le Petit Chateau.


Top Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping


Go Open-Minded


It is important to go into the process of shopping for your wedding dress with the healthy mindset that every Bride’s experience is DIFFERENT. While your friend may have had a seamlessly easy experience and found her perfect dress on the first visit – it could be entirely different for yourself and may require a couple more visits before you settle. We advise that you just embrace this, enjoy the process, take different people with you each time and try on a variation of different designs and silhouettes because you may surprise yourself – the idea that you envision may totally take you by surprise and not be the one you fall for!


Do Your Homework


Before your first visit to a Bridal showroom, it is best to go with some research prior of favoured designers, fabrics, embellishment and shape to have a general idea in mind of aspects you initially like and what you could always ask for added to your chosen gown in the end. This will also give you a rough idea of the cost of each different aspect and help you budget what type of gown you are most prepared to invest in.




Moving perfectly onto our next tip – set a budget and be prepared to stick to it! It is too easy to set a budget in your mind then see something that stretches what you are prepared to pay for and splurge on it anyway. Don’t. It is a budget for a reason – be honest with yourself, chances are you have set that amount because you and your partner have calculated out the spending costs for every other aspect of your big day and the figure you have accumulated has been done so sensibly and for a reason. Stick to your set budget, nevertheless try to negotiate wherever possible, but don’t exceed it.


Don’t Succumb To  Pressure


While everyone gets excited about the idea of going dress shopping with the Bride-to-be, it can be helpful to remember not to overcrowd the showroom with every female member of your family. Yes, your grandparents, mother, sister, cousin’s and best friends might want to be involved, but it is not always necessary. Perhaps space it out so that you visit for follow up appointments and take different people each time if it is important to you that they are all there, or even better – just take the one or two women whose opinion you value the most. You don’t want everyone’s opinion chipping in, at the end of the day your decision is only yours to make, yours to live with, not anyone else’s.


Don’t Set Unrealistic Expectations


By this we mean, don’t go shopping with the idea in mind that you are going to lose a set amount of weight and chose a dress that reflects this choice. Choose a gown that you feel 100% comfortable in and that you can move in because remember you are going to be on the move all day. Take a pair of shoes with you that are either going to be worn on your big day or are the same/similar height to get the best representation of what it will look and feel like prior to splashing the cash.




Your wedding day is supposed to be special, and so are the planning and appointments prior to the day. Try not to restrict yourself too much, by this we mean yes stick to your budget, but don’t feel obliged to spend under your budget just to say that you bagged a bargain! If you find a dress that is the exact figure of your budget and you have fallen in love with it, then splurge and spend it! At the end of the day – we only set out to wed once so why not make it everything you have envisioned and live out your bridal dreams.


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